Glen (nore102081) wrote in baltimoreravens,

time to attempt being more active...

It was great to see them finally open the offense up a lil. Great balance of hard nosed running and actually throwing the ball more than 4-7 yards down field. It was also awesome to see them actually be unpredictable and vary personal packages and formations.

I have to agree with Ray on this one... the game ball definitely goes to "offensive coordinator" Brian Billick
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I'm gathering the Ravens won? If so... what was the score? Who had how many catches/carries and for how many yards? TDs? McNair's pass completion? Sorry, I just can't really get all this info too easily, I'm rather far away from Baltimore (10,000 miles approximately,) and usually too busy to be able to surf much more than Live Journal.

Thank you.
I know this is a cheap way outta answerin all that but...
why has it taken so long for billick to be the offensive coordinator? i mean hes an "offensive genius" and after sunday he is. it was actually fun watching the offense this week and not run and hide your eyes time.
well since fassell had been here there was always talk that billick was "meddling" in the offense too much. at least after one week it seems that billick wasn't "meddling" enough