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Need a New Offense

After watching the game on Saturday the main thing that needs to be done in the off season besides resiging Adalus Thomas is implmenting a new offense that is as agressive as the defense.  No more of this dink & dunk ball control play not to lose offense.  We need a more explosive back who can be a threat both running and catching the ball A.K.A. a Marshal Fulk type.  Keep Jamal Lewis as our short yardage back like the Steelers used Jerome Bettis a few years ago.  Turn the recievers lose be agressive.  As for the offensive line it is time to get MOBILE, HOSTILE, AGILE more pulling of the gards, screens, sweeps.  Help get the backs out in space and more one on one match ups.  Also if another reciever on third down and 5 runs a 3 yard route after the game he run the uperdeck till the next sunrise.  At the least on a third down and 5 run an 8-10 yard route that a way you have a cpl of yards to play with and still make the first down.  If I was the owner and GM these are the changes I would be looking to make.  Other than that it was a good bounce back year and for once the team exceeded most peoples expatations, now we need to make a few adjustmensts so the next time we hold Payton Manning to 5 feild goals we WIN!!!!!
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